Tenderness of Heart
The Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump
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I didn’t realize how much the Beastie Boys were a part of my life until Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away today and my heart hurt. I was ten years old when Fight For Your Right blew up all over MTV. MTV was my everything back then. That was when they still played 90% music videos. I watched it every morning before school and every afternoon after school let out. The Fight For Your Right video led me to get Licensed to Ill on vinyl. The vinyl album cover folded out so you saw that it wasn’t just the tail of the plane, the front of the plane was smashed into something so that it looked like a cigarette (or joint) being crushed out. I thought I was so freaking cool having that album. At the time of its release Paul’s Boutique did not speak to me like Licensed to Ill did. But as I grew older it became my favorite Beastie Boys album. The samples are so layered and diverse, it’s overwhelming. I’ve included a track from Paul’s Boutique here, Shake Your Rump. When Check Your Head came out in 1992 I was a sophomore in high school and EVERYONE was now a Beastie Boys fan. We all wore Beastie Boys t-shirts and blasted Pass the Mic and So What’cha Want from our car stereos in the school parking lot. In 1994 Beastie Boys headlined Lollapalooza and it came to my city. It’s the only time I ever saw them live. It was July in the Las Vegas desert and by the time they took the stage the audience were all miserable, sunburned, and dehydrated but our love for them conquered the heat and their energy reinvigorated us. That was also the summer of Ill Communication which rocketed the Beastie Boys even further into the stratosphere of worshipped bands. At the time Sabotage was the coolest music video EVER. It still is. So yeah. I’ve been a Beastie Boys fan for 25 years and the fact that one of them is gone and there will be no more Beastie Boys albums in my future is a sad, sad thing. And Adam Yauch was way more than just a Beastie. He was a musician, a humanitarian, an activist, a filmmaker, and, always, a champion of peace. The world will miss him. I’ll miss him.